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Support, accompany, train and – where needed – guide educational action, in the main contexts where children learn, learn, grow. Families and school first of all. But also in the neighborhoods where that social center, that oratory or that association make a decisive contribution to the education of young people.

With families, in addition to the ordinary work of taking charge of the social centers, the main projects / services involved are the home education, the Center for families and the Social Prevention Center.

The home education service is that support for parenting done within the family unit to improve educational skills and prevent uneasy conditions; at the moment over 30 educators are involved in this service and a new tender is coming out for a total value of over 3 million euros.

The Social Prevention Center (PSC) was asked to focus its interventions, among other things, on the phenomenon of Hikikomori, or the pathological social withdrawal that affects a growing number of young people and that the pandemic is worsening; the Cps is in business with 10 operators, with an economic commitment of the Municipality of 175 thousand euros. The Center for Families is the subject of an important reform, the outcome of which will be precisely to place it at the center of the planning of family policies in the area, currently involving 4 operators for an economic value of 100 thousand euros and an action particular to the topic of conflict.

An educational alliance with secondary schools will be created with the school on the subject of inclusion, education in relational skills and combating the phenomena of educational poverty. The school is in fact an indispensable junction to be able to better monitor and intercept situations of hardship, as well as abandonment of studies.

In addition, Citizenship Laboratories have already been held in schools for years, such as the “civil education gyms” linked to civic education. In collaboration with the Region, a project to combat early school leaving and to prevent social withdrawal is also being activated (also in collaboration with the OpenG office of the Ausl), worth about 60 thousand euros and an education project. and prevention of addictions, in particular of gambling among young people, worth about 70 thousand euros per year.

In the next few weeks, the Municipality of Reggio Emilia will then put forward its candidacy for the ministerial announcement “Educare in Comune” of the Department of the family for combating educational poverty in the high school range of children.

In the central districts will be the collaboration of the social centers, widespread volunteering and other formal and informal aggregative spaces already frequented by many young people of the city.

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